Women Empowering

Our women empowering workshop on critical educational issues. In this session we shared ideas on how to fix our failing school education, parent’s responsibilities to demand quality education for their children and what we can do together.

Discussed that change can only happens when ordinary parents get involved and they get engaged, and they come together to demand for quality Education.

Many low-income families are not able to afford their children education, paying significant portion of their hard earning money on children education and still they not receiving quality education. This problem continuous, unless they have an option of putting their children in a govt school with the quality education.

In spite of huge investments (37 thousands per school kid) government schools are lagging far behind in providing quality education. Government schools are in crisis, students learning outcomes are very poor, students are struggling to read/write and solve simple math problems even in higher standards.

For that session our special Guest is Rajaiah Garu, M.E.O (Mandal education officer, Yella redy peta near Karimnagar) national award winner He tuned failing or no enrollment public schools into success.