Team Details

Vamsi Machiraju

Founder & President
I am Vamsi Machiraju, US returned IT professional, Community Organizer, living in Hyderabad, India.  I am married, with one daughter. I did master’s degree in computer science in 1998. I worked for top IT companies for more than 12 years in India and US at various positions. In US I had actively participated in grassroots community groups such as faith, broad-based organizations, and was involved in 2012 president Obama political campaign named “Organizing for America”. There I got the deeper understanding about how communities can solve their problems by working together. In 2013 I quit my IT job returned to India to work fulltime as a social worker. Now I am in second phase of my life. I am committed to make life more enjoyable for others through our community development programs.

V S Sarma

Vice President

Retired Chief Engineer, on 31st Oct 1999, presently associated with Organising for the Future. After retirement involved in social service activities with the organizations like Sai Dhamam,Grama Bharati,Seva Bharati and theosophical society. Lives Presently at Hyderabad. Also wrote some articles on Water and Power related subjects and promoting "Varshajal-Vijay Khedia" idea of Cultivation without external irrigation using about 30-40% of rain water falling on the field



S. Rama Rao

General Secretary

Retired from Railways Assistant General Secretary/SCRES (South Central Railways Employees) in the year 2004, after the retirement worked in Togo Railways (West Africa) for one year. Presently associated with Organising for the Future. After retirement involved in social service activities with the organizations like Malkajgiri Consumers Association, participated in India Against Corruption (IAC) an anti-corruption movement, from the year 1991 campaigning for swatch bharat cleaning drainages for better neighbourhoods and his free time teaching English, Maths for destitute girls in Malkajgiri.


V. Radha Krishna Murthy, Executive Member, Retired Govt Bank Manager
A.M Mrunalini Mohan, Executive Member, Retired Govt Bank Manager
S.Krishna Prasad, Treasurer, Bank Manager
Veera Pavan Kumar, Executive Member, Private Job
C.N.V. Ram Prasad, Joint Secretary, Software Professional
Sridhar Dumbala, Executive Member, Private Job
G. Vikram Simha, Executive Member, Software Professional
Nukaraju Vinay Kumar, Executive Member, Software Professional
Banja Shiva Karthik, Executive Member, Engineering Student


Free Online Learning

Our workshops on Khan Academy and other free online learning resources. Gave them ideas how technology is a power tool to improve children learning outcomes. I also created awareness about C.C.E effective Teaching Methodology that should be followed in the schools replacing the traditional rote learning practices but unfortunately as per the state Education dept. reports most of the teachers in private & Govt not having the knowledge of C.C.E teaching methods.

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Women Empowering

Our women empowering workshop on critical educational issues. In this session we shared ideas on how to fix our failing school education, parent’s responsibilities to demand quality education for their children and what we can do together.

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Excellent NIRD field visit

Recently we had an excellent NIRD Full-Day field visit hiring a bus as part of our women empowerment workshops. They excited so much seeing various technologies for employment

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