Our Strategy for Change - Community Organizing

You could also call this as "Our philosophy" of work.

  • Reaching out people on issues
  • Persuading people
  • Giving them skills & confidence
  • Bringing them together for a change
  • Helping them to realize their power

Our Organizing Cycle

Organizing cycle is fundamental strategy for change that proceeds from listening to research and action to evaluation.

Free Online Learning

Our workshops on Khan Academy and other free online learning resources. Gave them ideas how technology is a power tool to improve children learning outcomes. I also created awareness about C.C.E effective Teaching Methodology that should be followed in the schools replacing the traditional rote learning practices but unfortunately as per the state Education dept. reports most of the teachers in private & Govt not having the knowledge of C.C.E teaching methods.

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Women Empowering

Our women empowering workshop on critical educational issues. In this session we shared ideas on how to fix our failing school education, parent’s responsibilities to demand quality education for their children and what we can do together.

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Excellent NIRD field visit

Recently we had an excellent NIRD Full-Day field visit hiring a bus as part of our women empowerment workshops. They excited so much seeing various technologies for employment

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